Snaredrums - Handmade in Germany

Exclusive handcrafted Snare Drums - Cloud 9 for Ears and Eyes

Sky Percussion Snare Drums

The Snare Drum - the drum sets main voice

Sound, articulation, sound character and appearance are significantly involved in an individual drum sound.

For this instrument SkyPercussion pays particular attention to shell construction, selection of woods and hardware parts, in order to achieve a result that convinces 100% qualitatively, visually and acoustically up to the last screw.

At SkyPercussion Snare Drums, every detail is the result of a conscious decision and a process of creation involving only experts and professional drummers.

Handmade from scratch

We were able to win one of the most creative drum crafters of the scene for our SkyPercussion Snare Drums. Stefan Emmerich has more than 20 years of experience in drum construction and manufactures SkyPercussion snare drums in 'Stave' construction. The drum shell is assembled from solid, precisely calculated wooden blocks and turned round by hand - inside with the characteristic architecture of SkyPercussion - and then smooth-sharpened.

Sky Percussion
Strong projection to whisper sounds

Each of the drum shells made of the finest, hand-picked ash wood, delivers powerful, controlled and warm sounds that make it easy to implement musical ideas of any style. The shells size currently offered in 14" x 6.5" ensures an optimal balance regarding sound and response. Further shell sizes are in the planning. The sumptuous design guarantees a maximum of stability with the help of the high-quality manufacturing and can only be found in high-class products. In addition, the vertical wood grain of the staves at SkyPercussion not only gives each drum the exceptional sound characteristics, but also makes it visually unique. In matter of sound this type of production convinces with unlimited dynamics and flexibility. SkyPercussion Snare Drums deliver an enormously strong projection in strong playing style as well as defined and most sensitive 'whisper sounds' in pianissimo use. 

SkyPercussion Snare 

Drums with individual features - not off the shelf
Sky Percussion Trick

Multi-Step-Strainer Throw-Off GS007 by Trick Drums USA

The snare drums are equipped with the popular TRICK GS007 Multi-Step-Strainer Throw-Off, where the carpet tension can be adjusted in three positions from soft to tight by means of an easy-to-use lever. In addition, the Snare Wires tension in each of these positions is individually adjustable.

Sky Percussion

Each feature a true treasure

The design of these Snare Drums is first and foremost striking. Stefan Emmerich processes and refines the finish of the snare drums depending on the design with various techniques such as working out the wood structure, pickling, airbrushing and varnishing. The durable and transparent matt lacquer applied in the last step gives the shells a high-quality velvety finish.

Sky Gratung

Sky Bearing Edge

Another special feature of the SkyPercussion Snare Drums are the different bearing edges for impact and resonant drumhead, which are unique in this form. The special sharply turned, pointed 'Sky-Bearing Edge' on the top of the shell ensures a small support surface of the drumhead, whereby it can swing freely, respond nuanced and fade out optimally. The 45-degree edge on the bottom side ensures less overtone.

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